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Her findings confirmed by a coroners inquest.

Located kidnapped journalist overseas.

Stumped the skeptics on TV

And Shé can help you too.


Dr. She` D'Montford has the uncanny ability to intuitively pinpoint problems and rapidly deliver remarkable solutions.

Working with Shé changes you for the better. It is cathartic.

Shé has the ability to to change an individual's life or to turn a business around.

Those who listen to her profit from the experience.


Shé (pronounced Shay) has  wisdom, compassion and energy beyond her years and beyond this world. Yet, she is a very down-to-earth and practical person. Shé has a background in engineering and architecture and has been "Queensland Business Woman of the Year" and "Australian of the Year Nominee for 2012".  Shé has been a professional psychic and a therapist for over 30 years. Unlike the majority of psychics who can only see the issues and only provided new age platitudes, Shé provides clients with clear, concise and practical solutions that works in the real world for them as individuals.


It has been a natural progression for these clients to ask Shé for strategies to aid them in their businesses and work environments. What has evolved over time is a practical methodology to assess, enhance and to bring into action people in business. Sometimes when a business is not doing so well it can be hard to identify why. This is an area in which a corporate intuitive can offer assistance, that is cost-effective and produces the results you need quickly. Over the years, working with the businesses of all sizes, Dr. D'Montford have developed processes for locating and resolving issues, maximizing your business potentials and unleashing the full potential of your employees. Single sessions, to find future outcomes, for the individual or the corporation are very effective.  Additionally process packages are also  available for a week to 10 days.  Dr. Shé D'Montford can help source materials,  profile future employees or business partners etc. The applications are endless have proven very effective.


Dr. D'Montfords facilitates team building and intuition enhancing workshops that provide real, practical value to businesses of all types and sizes.  Shé has a passion for personal empowerment and conducts personal workshops on topics such as "Mind/Body Integration,"  "Healing", "Psychic Development", "Tarot" & "Metaphysics"  etc. all around the world.



Shé offers a wide range of psychic services to individuals and businesses - See services offered here.

She is also a legally registered religious Marriage Celebrant and a public notary. As such, Shé offerers her services as a celebrant for Weddings, Funerals, Baby Namings, Ordinations, and other life milestones.



She` is a metaphysician, teacher, healer, author, promoter, activist as well as a former 'Queensland Businesswoman of the Year'​ and 'Australian of the Year'​ nominee. She is a public notary and marriage celebrant, a member of the Australian Alternative And Natural Therapists Association (AAANTA), a life member of the Australian Psychics Association and runs Shambhallah Awareness Centre. Dr. She` D'Montford has a high public profile. She` has an impressive corporate client list, is often on radio and in the newspapers (in Australia and overseas), has featured on several successful TV shows in Australia, played herself in a major Dutch film production and has even been portrayed in a comic book. She has written for numerous alternative magazines and is a featured contributor to several successful alternative publications. She` tours constantly, nationally and internationally, teaching and lecturing and is featured at many alternative festivals and expos.


Dr. She` D'Montford featured on the psychic reality TV show "The One"​ and more recently on "Made in Hong Kong TV."

Shé also has an esoteric book publishing company, The Happy Medium Publishing Company.

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